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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ahmad Shukri Elias


A.Shukri Elias was born on April 11,1960 at Alor Setar, Kedah.
Shook, to his friends started as a batik designer in Penang in 1980. He was then a graphic artist at the Universiti Saints Malaysia, producing illustration for schoolbooks. 1982 to 1986, Shook pursued his studies and graduated with a BFA in Art & Design from University Tecnologi MARA.


Shook started producing serious works while doing other activities. He was a freelance designer,a resident artist at a beach resort and a part-time
lecture at UITM and a few art colleges. He also
set up a gallery "Kiara Gallery" and taught children art classes from home. Shook kept producing and exhibiting in many exhibition organized by the National Art Gallery, from Young
Contemporaries, annual Open Shows to the Phillip Morris Art Award..From 1997, Shook started producing works full time and ended up meeting the others at the Conlay Artist colony in 1998. Shook is currently lecturing in Visual Arts at the faculty of Performing Arts, University Technology MARA.
Shukri's work is very aggressive and spontaneous, his art deals with the journey of life through human emotion.

Subject: Figure & Form
Style: Abstract
Medium: Oil & Acrylic
Type: Fine Art
Size: 107cm x 104cm
Availability: Collection

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Finie Ramos said...

what do u think about sabah's artwork??? see my view at my blog...


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