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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ajis Mohamad


Ajis as he is affectionately known, is an authentic, one of a kind marine life artist in Malaysia. This brilliant young artist is a professionally certified diver who spent the better part of his life researching his subject matter, in order to relay accurate depictions of his arresting paintings to his audiences.


Part of his research included experimenting with different techniques on discovering the perfect tools to use when painting underwater with no damage to any marine life whatsoever. After an arduous year, he stumbled upon the answer; immersing his canvas in a special solution for a period of time to acclimatise it, when all is ready, he would do his diving paraphernalia, and armed with the necessary equipment, embark on yet another aquatic adventure.

His perceptions as far as his art goes are nothing short of astounding. Ajis’s sonata reverberates with fervent beauty and eclectic enchantment. Viewing his artwork is akin to an encapsulated underwater austerity evident only in the crevices of one’s imagination. His characters are startlingly three dimensional, able to transport the most skeptic and cynical minds into the unexplored realm of the solus ocean.

This artist’s journey appears to be a long and grappling one, for the ocean holds vast secrets impossible to decipher, and according to him, has only managed to barely scratch. She is the highest echelon of God’s creation, existing long before dinosaurs or Man, and will continue to exist even long after we perish. He is humbled and awed by this revelation and is honoured to be a part of this magnificence.

An ardent reader of mythology and philosophy, he paints to the recorded sounds of waves crashing, seagulls cachinatory ritual cries and the wind billowing. This provides the ‘mood’ and ideal setting for him to weave his creations into life - a constant reality that afloats in his mind.

It is decidedly difficult to keep his buoyancy and at the same time caricaturing the constantly motion life of underwater beings, and not to disrupt the natural ecology of his subjects’ domicile. He does this with skilled celerity and parsimonious sensitivity.
Choosing the perfect time to work includes several trips to determine wind velocity, underwater currents and potential detrimental aspects that would ruin visibility or keep him from working coherently but he enjoys the thrills of working in a risky and unpredictable environment.

Ajis is an artist with vision and integrity, and he harbours the desire to extend help to others embarking on the same journey. He craves to do the best that he can, a mantra he repeats to himself daily, a means of motivation from a self-taught artist who knew and understood what pain and struggle was all about firsthand, but persevered despite the odds.

His work is a window to his very own world, and he is the heraldic messenger inundating his audiences. He is a perfectionist and all his creations speak for themselves.

Ajis’s work will transport them to a celestial underwater world of insouciance, where miracles are the way of life and the mephitic above is nothing but a distant memory, at least for a while…

Subject: Nautical
Style: Realism
Medium: Oil & Acrylic
Type: Fine Art
Size: 107 x 76 cm
Availability: Sold

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