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Friday, May 06, 2005

Mat Dollah Batik

There is no stopping Mat Dollah when executing his work. A piece of cloth has to go through rigorous process that uniquely his. From dotted, lined and cracked with wax to various color application techniques, the images he created seem to emerge from inside the art piece.
Don't be surprised if he repeats the whole process again and again-that's what separates Mat Dollah's batik from the traditional. But of
course, those are only technical. As an art work piece, Mat Dollah's work are bold. His choice of 'fire' colors-mad reds and naked yellows-represents discrete individuality. Yet within the same frames are also surreal images of local tradition, myth and modernity. In contras to colors, Mat Dollah's subjects are deeply communal and not at all solitary. In his work, Malay legends and the reality of present political culture exist side by side. What can we say to such unique and refreshing combinations?. Be still and enjoy....

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